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Welcome to Cornerstones’ Science Provider Network — an online directory of professional science, technology, engineering and mathematics researchers, informal science educators, communicators and committed enthusiasts.

The Science Provider Network makes it easy for library staff to find a speaker, whether it’s for children, teens, adults and/or families. Topics include:

  1. Food, Gardens, Insects, Agriculture
  2. Personal and Family Health Issues, The Human Body, All Things Microscopic, Genetics and Me
  3. STAR (Sharing Telescopes and Astronomical Resources) Program, Stargazing, Space Exploration, Astronomy
  4. Other – World of Birds, Snakes, Frogs, and Mammals; Our Environment; How Things Work; and the Impact of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics In Our Lives

For Libraries: The Science Provider Network contains information on each provider, their areas of expertise and geographical areas they are willing to present in. If you are interested in using the Cornerstones Science Provider Network you MUST create a LOGIN Profile to access the online database of science providers. Click on Login/Register to go to the Profile Page, fill in the required information and then you are ready to use the Science Provider Network. (Please know there is no cost to use the Network.)

For Science Providers: If you are willing to make presentations in public libraries about one of the topics described above or on your favorite subjects please Click on Science Providers to register.

Search — Once you are logged into the Science Provider Network you will be able to Search by topic, science provider name, and the availability of science providers in specific geographic areas.”

The Science Provider Network is coordinated and funded by Cornerstones of Science. We graciously thank the Maine Community Foundation for sponsorship of the Cornerstones Science Provider Network.

Maine Community Foundation