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Library Partner Resources

Cornerstones of Science provides libraries with a system of services, training and resources that help them sustain high-quality STEM programs and book collections. Resources include: online resources (see below); scientific tools; strategies for science communication; and networking opportunities that allow library partners to interact, learn together and build relationships.

Video Resources

Cornerstones of Science is developing a set of training and informational videos that will be available for library partners. Please check here regularly as we post more tools.

Below are links to videos of the presentations given at our 2014 Library Partner Summit at the Auburn Public Library in Auburn, ME. These videos also directly accessible from the Cornerstones of Science YouTube Channel.

All about the Tech Petting Zoo

Looking Up at the Library: Astronomy, Books and Experiences

From Literature to Genomics Literacy: A Conversation at the Library

How Libraries Can Inform Choices about Genetic Information

Marketing Library Programs

Best Practices in STEM Programming in Public Libraries

CoS Marketing Tools

When you borrow a Science Trunk from us, or host a Science Cafe with a science provider we have referred you to, or announce to patrons the availability of your telescope or other loanable science tool that we’ve recommended to you, please promote Cornerstones of Science in your flyers, press releases and other publicity.

For all, click or click and Save As… to save to the place you’d like on your computer.

Online Tools for Cornerstones Library Partners

To help librarians facilitate hands-on scientific learning, we maintain a wealth of online tools and resources, including: